Perfios Integration

Perfios interation

Obtain the Best Services in Perfios Integration with DoubleKlick Designs

Imagine having a single window from which you can view the diagnostics of your organisation's finances which may be spread over several accounts in several banks and holdings. Through core technologies and highly secure layers, Perfios leverages its data aggregation tools to help organisations fetch transactions and convert them into easily readable formats.

Now you no longer have to take lengthy downloads of account transactions every time you want to analyse your date. With Perfios this is done seamlessly, as many times as necessary. Perfios (PERsonal FInance One Stop) is a new-age fintech company that offers highly innovative online Personal Finance Software solutions that provides a 360┬░overview of one's personal finances.

The Perfios dashboard automatically fetches transaction from all your company's bank accounts at regular intervals and generates customizable reports, with file dumps generated automatically.

Would you like to benefit from this tool? At DoubleKlick Designs, we integrate Perfios seamlessly into your existing setup, so you get a realtime view of your aggregated cash inflow. For clients in financial services, we have more. Perfios' Statement Analyzer automates the vital but lengthy process of verification necessary before providing a financial product. This means faster approvals, higher accuracy, lower costs and improved user acquisition.

For finance professionals who manage the financial portfolios of several clients at a time, Perfios' Advisor solution allows advisors to manage their client portfolios via a single view and facilitates the creation of multiple portfolio reports and uploading of various types of e-statements, while reducing the load on the back office.

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