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Ever wondered how a free app helps a business generate revenue? Well, there are ways that a business can earn money by providing customers a mobile application that is free of cost. As you hire the top mobile app development company in Gurgaon, you will realize that hiring professionals for developing apps are, in itself, a cost-effective move. On top of it, you can generate revenue through your app.

Here’s how a mobile application development company helps you to generate revenue through your app

1. Offer a freemium app
You can offer two versions of your app. One would be the free or lite version. The other would be the premium version. The app would be the same. The free version will hook the user through limited features, but just enough to make the user happy, yet it will not contain a few important features. Once the user gets used to your free app, you can urge him/her to buy the premium version, which contains important and advanced features.

Once the user is convinced that your app is useful for them, chances are high that they will buy the premium version.

2. Make it an e-commerce platform:
Don’t simply build an informative application. Give users a chance to buy products/services through your app. It is not necessary that the products/services should be only yours. You can collaborate with eBay, Amazon, and other such e-commerce sites and make your app the hub of shopping for your audience. The mobile app development company in Gurgaon will help you inculcate wonderful e-commerce features in your app.

3. Let the user buy app upgrades:
Usually, game applications are found to use this technique. They let the user download their app for free to play the game, but to improve the gaming experience, they must buy features. You can use this technique in your mobile app too, if it suits you.

4. Use ads:
This is one of the commonest methods of generating revenue. Ask the top-notch mobile app development company in Gurgaon and they will tell you how incredibly beneficial are ads for generating revenue. You can use a number of impressions or CTR (click-through rates). Make sure the ads do not turn out to be appalling for your app users.

5. Building a loyal user base:
This one takes time, but it pays rich rewards. You can build a base of loyal users of your mobile application over time. Later, when you have a sound base you can invite them to get other apps, which will be paid ones. This can be a tricky method to apply and works only when you have a strong brand image and a slew of satisfied customers. Associating with a mobile app development company in Gurgaon can help you build a brand image through their digital marketing and other such services.

Developing an app is no expense. It is an investment. This app can help you earn huge profits, provided you get all the parts and pieces of the application in place and make the app hugely useful to your end users.

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