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As a business, one of the most fundamental elements of your website is its design and the user experience it delivers. Wireframes and Prototyping are design deliverables that are an integral part of UX design process. Designers use these techniques to visually represent the structure, layout and arrangement of different components on a page. Although both terms are used as synonyms in the digital design world, they have distinct features and applications.

The team of engineers at Doubleklick Designs have quality experience in using Wireframes and Prototyping to create a shared sense of project progress with their clients. We have the technical understanding and hands on design experience to put these design deliverables to their best use. At Doubleklick Designs, we design and test Wireframes in quick time to ensure that our plans are in accordance with our client’s requirements. We use advanced design tools and software to create explicit yet simple wireframes and to move effortlessly to prototyping.

Prototyping can be termed as the first interaction designers have with the website or the mobile application they intend to design. Design experts at Doubleklick Designs rely on this technique to allow the client experience the facets of the digital landscape. Using conceptual wireframing, we describe the user interface in easy steps and present a clear concept of Information Architecture and interaction design.

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