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One of the most popular PHP web frameworks, Laravel is fully object-oriented and has a number of advantages over other such frameworks. All of the very common tasks including authentication, routing, session, catching, etc are made simpler with the components of Laravel. Laravel is a flexible and fast framework which allows the developer to finish the development process in less time. We at Double Klick Designs provide high quality Laravel-based web solutions to support specific business and industry needs.

Having a vast experience of almost two decades, we have provided fast and scalable solutions to various industry verticals. The team of our skilled developers have an agile development approach and work from strategy to the development process, to not just meet, but surpass your expectations. We also provide after web development support services by maintaining and updating your applications with the latest security enhancements and features regularly. Choose us for handling your web solutions and to enhance the online experience for your customers.


Authorization Technique

The Laravel framework makes implementing authentication a very simple process. Its authentication facilities are made up of "guards" and "providers" that help you get the authentication done with ease.

Object-Oriented Libraries:

Laravel features an excellent collection of in-built object oriented libraries which are not found in any other PHP framework. One of the most prominent ones is the authentication library which is packed with a wide variety of advanced features such as bcrypt hashing, cross-site request forgery protection, password reset, and encryption.

In-built security features

Laravel is a popular development platform with in-built security features that keep your application completely secure by default. Out of the box, Laravel allows you to use everything securely and provides you security for common vulnerabilities which makes it the recommended PHP framework for mission-critical applications.

MVC Support:

Laravel framework implements MVC architecture which is one of the biggest reasons why this platform is considered as of the best PHP frameworks by backend developers all around the world. With enhanced performance and a wide range of attributes, it helps with structuring your application effortlessly.

Database Migration

With the use of the Laravel framework, database schema can be shared and modified easily. As migrating schema from one server to another is achieved with ease, it helps businesses operate multiple executions such as alter, create, and drop.

Why choose laravel application development services ?

Authorization Technique

Object-Oriented Libraries

In-built security features

MVC Support

Database Migration

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