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Static vs. Dynamic: What Website is Good for Your Business?

A website may seem a complex structure to you. It’s not. It’s just an HTML file. Yet, not everybody can design a website; more important, not everybody can design a good website. Also, one must choose between a static and a dynamic website.

Both types of websites are HTML files, but there’s a difference. It all depends on how the HTML file is created.

You need not go into the depths of website design and maintenance, as you can easily contact the best website designing company in Delhi with price so affordable you may want to pinch yourselves to believe it. Yet, it helps to have some basic knowledge about what a static and a dynamic website is and what is good for your business.

What’s a static website?
A static website is comprised of a fixed number of files that are pre-written in HTML, JavaScript, and CSS. All visitors of your website will see exactly the same version of your webpages. You must manually change the content to change the look of your website.

A static website design can be interactive too. Such a website can have links and clickable buttons, videos, images, forms, and other such interactive tools.

Most of the informational websites showcase a static design. These websites are easy to design and maintain.

What’s a dynamic website?
Dynamic website is, well, dynamic in the sense that it showcases different versions of webpages to different visitors, depending on factors like their location, their

actions on website (such as browsing habits, etc.), local time, their settings, and others.

This gives the visitor a more interactive experience while browsing your website. However, such a website is complex to design. You must hire the best responsive web design agency to create an impactful website for your business.

E-commerce websites are usually dynamic or use at least a few dynamic features. Similarly, publishing websites, membership sites, online stores, web applications, and other such platforms contain dynamic content.

Dynamic websites can promise your user a more engaging experience, which may lead to higher conversions.

Now that you know the difference between static and dynamic websites, you can figure out what website is good for your business. Contact custom web design services and let them design a relevant website for your business.

Designing a website IS a big deal. It’s a tool to inform and/or influence the visitor. This, ultimately, will impact your business in a positive manner.

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